In order to produce high-quality image data for our analyses,

we recommend certain specifications for the flight mission.


Please follow our recommendations.

Flight Altitude Tool

This tool will help you determine the optimum drone flight height for your forestry inventory project determining the optimum flight height is key. The height will determine the amount of pixels per object (seedling or tree) in the resulting data set. This image resolution will help to ensure we can provide you with optimum analysis results for your forest or plantation.


Please start by selecting the type of project you are planning:


If you don’t already have a flight planning app, then you will need to download one of the two choices below, which are necessary in order to be able to program all settings for your missions, such as flight speed and altitude, flight path and image overlap.  


Please download your chosen capture app here: Pix4D Capture or DroneDeploy

Flight Manuals

We have created several manuals for your mission planning using capture apps like Pix4D Capture and DroneDeploy.

Download at the right manually plan an optimal mission with perfect data.


Download the manual relevant to your flight-planning App for a better understanding of how and when to fly and what settings to choose for optimal data collection.